Soft Sell Digital was born out of frustration.

No matter how many digital agency websites we looked at, we could never find a pricing page.

In what world, when transparency is so key, can digital agencies hide their prices from the customer, YOU.

We are different. How can you make an enquiry about starting a project without knowing how much working with us might cost, right?

Let’s be clear, we are not a one cost fits all business or get a website for £495. We value our work, staff and results a little higher than that.

With this in mind, we wanted to be as clear as possible so that we don’t waste anymore of your time than we need to if we are not a good match price wise.


From £650.00 – £5000

Some of the differences between the low and high range of pricing – Based on the levels of time spent on:

  • Research
  • Meetings
  • Company Identity
  • Positioning
  • Revisions
  • Touchpoints

Also, whether the logos are:

  • Hand Drawn
  • Bespoke

Do you need us to present the new branding to your staff and introduce the brand story to your working environment?

Web Presence

£1000 +

If you are looking for a cheap, slow website built from a re-used template, you are in the wrong place.

We build all our websites using the latest coding technology, making sure they are lightning quick. Even though our websites are built with code, you can edit your own content as we roll out a headless WordPress with all our static sites.

Web Design and Web Build are separated as they require completely different skill sets. With our process, you can see your website come to life before we build it, work with our specialist team and create a Web Presence that is in keeping with your brand.

Some of the differences between the low and high range of pricing – Based on the levels of time spent on:

  • Your Goals
  • Meetings
  • Design
  • Size of Site (No.pages)
  • Build
  • Content Creation
  • Testing
  • Launch

One last thing that must be considered during pricing:

Do you require a static site or a dynamic site? See our articles on the difference between these two options.

Do you need us to maintain, host and provide you with regular web presence updates? No worries! Our team can take care of it for you.


Monthly campaigns can start from £275 and can go all the way up to £10,000 + depending on the complexity and services required.

*excluding advertising spend

We build all our monthly digital campaigns around your goals and budget. Our team can advise on where you will get the most effective return on investment. Your ongoing digital endeavours will depend on your goals and requirements.

See our monthly cost for some of our digital services below:

  • SEO – £350.00 +
  • Google/Bing Ads- £300+
  • Social Media Management – £275+
  • Paid Social – £275+

All our digital services are focused on your bottom line, digital should pay for itself in our opinion.


Even though we are a digital agency, we would be silly to ignore the effective traditional marketing techniques that can serve up a sharp increase in revenue.

The costs for these services are based around an hourly rate of £90.00 per hour.

  • Strategy Meetings
  • Direct Mail
  • Leafleting
  • Adverts (Radio, Newspaper)

Read our article that discusses Traditional Marketing methods. How many are you currently doing?

What can Soft Sell Digital do for you?