How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn

There are many opinions on the best social media platform for marketing a business. Undoubtedly, it’s an extremely difficult decision that almost all business owners face in the digital world we live in today. The truth is, each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses. If someone tells you a particular platform is the “best” platform for marketing, don’t believe them. However, there is a best platform for your business and industry.

To understand which platform is most suitable for your marketing efforts, you first need to understand your customers and where you are most likely to find them. It is said that Lamborghini choose not to run TV commercials because their audience isn’t sitting around watching TV all day. Now, you might not be the manufacturer of exotic sports cars, but you get the picture.

If you’re a B2B marketer or perhaps a marketer who’s attempting to reach business professionals, then LinkedIn may the best platform for you. The purpose of this article is to explain how you can generate more leads on LinkedIn. We will discuss a range of topics, including your profile, connections, and specific strategies for growth.


Your profile is the foundation of your LinkedIn success. Making your profile as attractive as possible to potential new clients is a top priority. To do this, we have 5 main pieces of advice.

1. The 000000 Postcode

If you are a nationwide business with customers dispersed across the country, do not enter a postcode into your profile. Inputting a postcode will limit your scope and reduce your chances of reaching customers outside of your region. Instead, simply put your location as the country you operate within e.g. United Kingdom and enter “000000” as your postcode. Alternatively, if you only serve customers in the local area and surrounding regions then input your actual postcode.

2. Turn off recommendations to other pages

We advise that you turn off recommendations on your LinkedIn profile. The reason for this is that you don’t want to give viewers the chance to click off your profile.

3. Make your profile header loud and bold

This will make your profile memorable and help it to stand out against your competition. You can make beautiful LinkedIn headers for free on

4. Don’t put your job title in your bio

To most people your job title is boring. Instead, try writing a snappy statement about how you help your target market achieve certain goals and who you work with. For example, you may wish to write: “I work with [target market] in the [location] to help them achieve [goals A and B].” We recommend writing your bio with an Apple device as your bio character limit is higher than on other devices.

5. Get skilled endorsement badges and recommendations from people you have worked with

This provides you with social proof and credibility. Visitors to your profile want to know that you can be trusted and that you are genuine in who you claim to be.

Connections & Engagement

Making connections is what LinkedIn was built for. Creating a large network of genuine connections can pay dividends for years to come. Here’s our top tips for building connections and engaging with your network:

1. Limit your connections to 50 per day

Sending too many invites to connect can lead to your account being suspended by LinkedIn.

2. Join groups

Joining groups which are relevant to your business and industry is a great way to make new connections. Once you’ve been accepted to the groups, be sure to interact with fellow members by liking their posts and leaving thoughtful comments. Also, try starting new discussions in the group which get people talking. Over time, you can nurture your relationship with other members of the group and new leads will be generated organically.

3. Be controversial or funny

The more people you get interacting on your post the better. This can be done by posting controversial opinions or by being funny. Of course, don’t be so controversial that it has a bad effect on your company.

4. Connect with as many people as you can

LinkedIn allows you to have up to 30,000 connections! That gives you incredible potential to communicate with your target market. So, make as many relevant connections as you can. The more the merrier.

5. Follow hashtags

Find hashtags that are relevant to your business and industry and follow them. Other like-minded individuals will also be following these hashtags, making it easy for you to find them and build your network.

6. If you don’t ask, you don’t get

When you publish a post ask people to like, comment and share. It’s a surprisingly effective way to boost your engagement.

7. Make it personal

More often than not, engagement on your personal profile will be more effective than on your business profile. People prefer talking to a real person!

Our 5 Social Strategies for LinkedIn

Now you’re up to speed with your profile and connections, let’s take a look at our 5 main strategies for generating leads on LinkedIn. Implementing just one of the following strategies may not return the results you desire. Using the strategies in unison so that they complement one another is much more powerful.

Strategy 1: Connect & Nurture
  • We mentioned this strategy briefly in the section above. You should be aiming to implement this strategy with potential clients who are of high value to your business. After you have made the connection, don’t immediately send them a message. Instead, simply engage with them by liking their posts and leaving thoughtful comments. After a few weeks of doing this, you can send them your first private message e.g. by letting them know you agree with something they have posted. By nurturing the relationship, you have created a connection with someone who will be open to hearing about what you have to offer.
Strategy 2: Content Marketing
  • This strategy requires some detective work. In order to produce content which attracts attention, you need to observe what others are doing better than you. Which types of posts in your feed gain the most engagement? Videos? Graphics? Long captions? Questions/polls? Only you can answer this because every audience is different and your network is unique to your business. Once you have identified which posts perform best, you should attempt to produce similar content and flavour it with your own style and ideas.
Strategy 3: Paid Advertisements
  • Paid advertisements are a fast way to get eyes on your page. Start with a small budget and use LinkedIn’s analytical tools to measure the performance of your ads. This process requires a fair amount of trial and error, so don’t be too disheartened if your first ads don’t yield the results you were hoping for. However, it’s important to note here that LinkedIn ads can be expensive compared to other social media platforms.
Strategy 4: Referrals
  • Referrals provide you with something that many other marketing methods cannot – credibility! Ask a member of your network (who you have a strong relationship with) to connect you with someone they are connected to. Gaining a referral means you have considerably less groundwork to do when it comes to building trust with the potential new client.
Strategy 5: Gated Content
  • Giving away free information and/or resources is one of the most effective ways to generate new leads. Think deeply about what unique knowledge you can offer to people, then bring this knowledge to life! Perhaps you could produce a lengthy PDF guide or an informative video about an aspect of your industry. Once you’ve created your content, offer it to your LinkedIn network for free in return for signing up to your mailing list.

Over to You

Hopefully, you now have a greater understanding of how you can use LinkedIn to start generating new leads. Remember, it’s not just about implementing the odd strategy here and there. You need to be thorough and consistent if you want people to take notice of you. Thank you for reading our article and good luck!

Richard Whyte