An Introduction to Blogging

Business blogging is a marketing method that uses content blogging to get your business more online visibility. A business blog is a marketing channel that helps business growth.

Blogging or content marketing is much more than writing a few articles about your industry. Without a content strategy in place, I would say you are in a boat without a sail. When considering blogging, make strategy your number 1.

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Benefits of Blogging

  • It drives great results over time
  • It helps position you and your business as an expert in the field
  • It generates organic traffic to your offering
  • It supports your SEO strategy

Start Creating Content

The best place to start when creating content is to answer the questions your customers always ask you at the sales stage. If you don’t know these then speak to the Sales team, they will be able to give you a few.

You can use the title of the question for your first blog post! An example is: How much will it cost me to use your product/service?

With this, you can go in to depth and allow yourself to be totally transparent regarding how the costs of your services are formulated. Your blogging can be done in a number of formats, including: video, written, audio and graphic.

With your content creation:

Be Consistent

Don’t Rush

Fully Research

Make it Easy to Read

Craig Jones

Full Stack Developer at Soft Sell Digital