3 Instagram Growth Hacks

Be Social

One of the quickest way to start growing your following on Instagram is do exactly what social platforms have been created for, be social.

Start following likeminded accounts and interacting with their posts.

Start being active on others profiles on a daily basis, this includes likes and lots of thought out comments. The more the merrier. Unlike other forms of digital marketing, you cannot really over do how social you are on Instagram. Happy clicking and commenting!


Answer questions, give advice, help your followers.

As the owner or someone with fantastic knowledge of your business, you need to apply that with this hack. Directly use questions you have been asked in the past at the sales stage or beyond.

Use these as inspiration for your posts, not only will you be educating your followers on what you do. You will also never run out of topics/ideas for posts as customers never stop asking questions!

Stay Active

Consistency, consistency and con…. you get the point!

To achieve this, you need to look at your strategy in depth. Make sure you plan your Instagram posts weeks in advance. As soon as you start creating and posting on the fly, your posts will become less effective. Without a plan, a narrative and posts that make sense to those who follow you, you will struggle to grow your following.

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Richard Whyte